Good Quality aBlogtoWatch eBay Watch Buying Guides: Rolex Submariner Alternatives, Omega Seamasters, & More Replica Watches Online Safe

aBlogtoWatch eBay Watch Buying Guides: Rolex Submariner Alternatives, Omega Watches Boston Ma Replica Seamasters, & More Watch Buying

aBlogtoWatch has been producing some buying guides for eBay, and we’ve got a fresh new batch to share. Now, we know that many “watch people” know the ins and outs of how to buy, sell, and trade watches online. However, more casual or beginning people who don’t have the confidence of experience can find themselves overwhelmed, intimidated, and plain stressed out about the process. We hope our guides, which are designed to answer broader questions about watch buying as well as provide watch brand and model specific guides, provide a good frame of reference for anyone on the hunt for a timepiece.

For this batch, we took a look at dive watches. The “office desk diver” is a common phenomenon, and for those looking to buy one, we figured it makes sense to ask, “do you need a dive watch for your office job?” Obviously, it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek since not a lot of desk jockeys are going to be requiring 300M water resistance at the water cooler. In the same vein, we have already covered buying one of the most ubiquitous dive watches, the Rolex Submariner, but what are some alternatives to the Rolex Submariner?

Even Omega’s advanced stopwatches did not eliminate Olympic controversy. In five different races, both the winner and runner-up were listed as having the exact same moment. The most well-known controversy included the 100-meter dash as well as the duel between Ralph Metcalfe and Thomas Edward “Eddie” Tolan. To the audiences, it appeared that Metcalfe won the race, along with the timekeepers’ hand-held stopwatches listed three occasions of 10.3 minutes for Metcalfe and two times of 10.3 and just one of 10.4 seconds for Tolan. Nevertheless Tolan was announced the winner, in an ancient Olympic “photo finish.” A “Chronocinema” camera filmed the conclusion of each race, and it was used to document times to the nearest 1/100th of a second. The principles at that time said that the winner was the primary runner whose chest fully crossed the end line, not the one whose chest attained the line. After reviewing the movie, the judges ruled that Tolan had won, entirely crossing the line 5/100ths of a second ahead of Metcalfe.This controversy presaged the need for more accurate timers, and ways of determining winners. Omega says that today, timing an Olympics takes a few hundred professional timekeepers and information handlers, supported by up to a thousand specially trained local volunteers, all with some 400 tons of equipment, such as scoreboards, miles of cables and optical fiber, and advanced timekeeping and data-handling technologies, developed by Omega and accommodated to the requirements of every sport.Over the years, James Bond has worn out a couple of watch brands, but now, none is more closely associated with the storied franchise compared to Omega. Since then, 007 has worn Omega at Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and SPECTRE (where Bond donned a fresh Omega Seamaster 300).

aBlogtoWatch eBay Watch Buying Guides: Rolex Submariner Alternatives, Omega Seamasters, & More Watch Buying

We are sure everyone will have their thoughts on what should and shouldn’t be on the list, but we did agree that anyone struggling with their dive watch purchase (we even stuck a non-diver on that alternatives list) should certainly be informed about none other than the Omega Watches 8500 Movement Replica Seamaster, and so we have also included a guide on that.

aBlogtoWatch eBay Watch Buying Guides: Rolex Submariner Alternatives, Omega Seamasters, & More Watch Buying

For those hopeful eBay buyers not looking for a dive watch, fear not, as we have added buying guides for some popular watches to our library. There are guides for buying a Rolex Daytona, the Tag Heuer Monaco, the Hublot Big Bang, and Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, among others. For those of you still learning to branch out from the “big” names, here’s an introduction to Tudor and an introduction to Grand Seiko. Bonus reading for watch nerds and future watch buying & selling mavericks, here’s a starter guide to watch complications. We’ll be going into these in depth in the future.

Take a look, share with friends & family, and let us know if there’s something you’d like to see! Below is the complete and growing library of aBlogtoWatch’s Watch Buying Guides For eBay:

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