Hand-on Mens Stainless Steel Bovet 19 Thirty Replica Watch

What comes to mind when thinking of classy Bovet 19 Thirty replica watch timepieces and heritage? It’s different for everyone, but if you make a list Bovet would definitely be among the first names that come to mind. Founded in 1822 by Edouard Bovet and his brothers the company has come a very long way, and is now among the leaders in high end horology.The two pieces look like two descendants who share one common ancestor yet have completely different personalities.

Every single timepiece created looks more like a piece of art rather than an instrument for time telling. Just about a week ago Bovet has released an entirely new collection, called 19Thirty. While keeping the original brand DNA it offers a new design and represents the time that perfectly fits for what it is – a pocket as well as a wrist watch.

It was in 1930’s that watches went from pocket to wrist and became more than just an accessory. With the new models in the collection Swiss made fake Bovet watch offers you to choose between a wristwatch (Dimier) and a transforming piece (Fleurier). Both extremely refined, with movements developed and created for them exclusively and both with the same functions (hour, minute, second, and power reserve indicator).

Casing is 42mm in diameter, making the pieces perfect as dress watches that don’t cry for attention but would be impossible not to notice. Obviously, apart from being beautifully crafted pieces each watch is also very technical; equipped with the 15BM04 hand-wound movement 19Thirty models offer 7 days of power reserve.

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