Introducing The Best Quality Glycine Combat 6 Automatic Military Watch Replica

The best fake Glycine Combat 6 automatic military watch comes in a mid-sized 43 mm case and offers reliability and robustness of the famous ETA 2824-2 Swiss-made movement at an affordable price.

Judging by the looks of it, the Ref. 3890.19AT-LB9 model was definitely inspired by Panerai military-styled watches.


Of course, the shape of the body is very different: the Glycine is circular, while Panerai watches come packed in bulky cushion-shaped bodies.

They even employed a typeface, which is very similar to Panerai’s trademark font both in shape and in color of the SuperLuminova substance.

Although it is rather odd to name a watch brand after an amino acid, Glycine does not seem to worry about that, bringing to market more and more affordable and nice-looking Glycine Combat 6 copy watches. Their new Glycine Combat 6 model will go on sale before the end of this year.

However, while staying close to its source of inspiration, the Glycine Combat 6 is certainly not a vulgar rip-off of a popular model. Let’s call it an artistic reinterpretation.

Glycine Combat 6 automatic military watch replica
Glycine Combat 6 automatic military watch replica


It is powered by a time-proven ETA 2824-2 Swiss-made automatic movement, which is visible through a transparent case back featuring a mineral glass.

The black dial is also protected with a domed mineral glass, which will certainly be prone to occasional bumps and scratches, so you will have to wear it with care.

Anyway, the watch is going to be eight to ten times cheaper than an average Panerai model and will certainly target completely different group of customers that are only in the beginning of their journey in the land of fine watches.

For around €500, this is one of the best choices for those, who want to get themselves a Swiss watch, but just hate to pay their hard-earned money for something mainstream, like Tissot.

To my taste, this is the only problem of the Swiss-made Glycine copy watch that deserves some attention.