Japanese Movement Replica Glashütte Original Introduces the Sixties Iconic Square Chronograph

You will say that the bracelet is intended to get pretty much no gaps. It moves smoothly across the wrist because of tight tolerances and a construction which utilizes a large variety of different pieces. Even sizing the bracelet isn’t typical, and made to be semi-tool-less. In order to eliminate links, there are small pushers on the inside to release them. The necklace’s fold-over locking deployant features a discreet micro-adjust system which has been in the Glashütte Original household in one manner or another for a fantastic time now. In fact, Glashütte Original is among the first brands in today’s age to offer a well-engineered micro-adjust system.What that this does is allow you to get about a centimeter of distance to adjust the size of the bracelet in approximately single-millimeter increments. This is operated by the pressing the “concealed” button which is that the Glashütte Original brand logo on the bottom of the clasp. The main reason you need this is that it allows you to expand and contract the bracelet dimensions even while it’s on your wrist to always ensure exact comfort as weather or alternative conditions can naturally cause your wrist size to slightly vary throughout the day.Glashütte Original also offers the Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date (or the non-Chronograph version) on two strap choices. All these really are a fitted alligator or rubber strap. Each looks fine and is comfortable, but given that I’m a “bracelet guy,” I’ll select the matching steel over a strap pretty much anytime.

Having made their debut in the time-only Sixties Iconic Collection two years ago, Glashütte Original‘s irrepressibly coloured dials return as another limited edition with the Sixties Iconic Square Chronograph.

The five different dial colours are produced at a dial factory in the Black Forest city of Pforzheim – acquired by the watchmaker’s parent company Swatch Group in 2006 – using equipment dating from the 1960s. Each dial is coloured by hand, with layers of lacquer manually applied to create an unusual vibrant and shaded finish that reveals slight imperfections up close.

Glashütte Original Sixties-Iconic-Square-Tangerine

Glashütte Original-Sixties-Iconic-Square-Ocean-Fire

One model in the Sixties Iconic Square collection, the grey dial Sixties Iconic Graphite, features the additional decoration of a stamped pattern that resembles raindrops on glass.

Glashütte Original Sixties-Iconic-Square-Graphite 1

While the dials are unique, the Sixties Iconic Square is based on the Sixties Square Chronograph in the regular collection. So it shares the same specs: a stainless steel case measuring 41.35mm by 41.35mm, along with the calibre 39-34 movement inside. That’s an in-house automatic calibre with a modular construction, meaning the chronograph mechanism is a separate module mounted on top of the base movement.

Glashütte Original Sixties-Iconic-Square-Forest-Tangerine

Price and availability

The is Sixties Iconic Square is a limited edition of 25 pieces in each colour, available only at Glashütte Original boutiques and retailers, priced at US$9700 or S$15,000.

Glashütte Original Sixties-Iconic-Square-chronograph