Luxury Alpina – New Michael Goulian Team partner Replica Trusted Dealers

Already partner of Red Bull Air Race pilot Michael Goulian, Alpina Watches Replica further its commitment to the Air Universe by becoming the official Michael Goulian Team partner. The brand supports then the team during the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. 2017 saison will end on October 15 in Indianapolis.

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The sides of the case and bezel exhibit some wonderful satin and high-polished finishes which provide a sharp contrast to this vibrant anodized bezel insert — in this case, red. Now, in contrast to the deep oxblood bezel on the Tudor Black Bay, for instance, this Alpina Seastrong Diver 300’s bezel is a brighter, more cheerful shade of crimson that plays nicely with the rest of the polished components on the watch. Alpina was wise to keep things classic using an aluminum insert rather than after the ceramic fad — which would have felt considerably from location here.The bezel itself includes a crisp, satisfying rotating activity with zero play. Its edges aren’t super grippy, but using a set of serrations every ten minutes, there is more than enough to grab, even with wet fingers. There are 12 increased, glowing hour markers applied on the bezel insert, with the initial 20 minutes also being glowing — an unexpected signature. But it would have been a nicer surprise if the lume on the dial and hands were as good as the lume on the bezel, but that’s a small nitpick — this ain’t a Panerai, after all.