Replica Wholesale Glashütte Original Introduces Senator Chronograph ‘The Capital Edition’

In addition to being very well decorated, the Calibre 37 automatic movement has a number of attributes you expect to find in high-quality Glashütte-region mechanical movements. It begins by utilizing a conventional 3/4 plate construction, meaning that the back plate of the watch covers more area, and also leads to a stronger, more lasting design. Then you have a swan neck fine-adjustment system as part of this regulation system which, when mixed with the 14ct gold screws in the balance wheel, then make for a system that a watchmaker can tweak for very exact accuracy.The movement also has an expected level of decor at a watch priced just like this such as polished surfaces, beveled edges, and blued steel screws. The automatic rotor is also skeletonized (and awarded the Glashütte Original brand emblem) to make viewing the motion a little easier, and farther weighted with a strip of 21ct gold. Also really nice is that the fact that if you view the movement through the rear of the instance you can enjoy that it will take up the majority of the situation – as, oftentimes, individuals do not like when a motion is put in a case that is too large for it.It’s hard to locate regions of fault in the Glashütte Original Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date. It’s true that you may not personally like the layout, but because of what it is, Glashütte Original spent an extreme amount of refinement on pretty much all specifics. Nothing about this view really says “enhance mepersonally,” beyond little taste preferences or quirks that individuals might subjectively want changed. To me, wearing a watch like this feels very much like you are strapping on a pure reflection of the exactly what the brand seeks to elicit within their products.The Glashütte Original logo, with its double Gs design has one G facing forwards and one G facing backward. That is an honest apology for what the brand is, and the notion is that half of the mind is focused on the past, and half is centered on the future. In many ways, that sums up the Glashütte Original Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date pretty well given its several nods to the past in terms of the case and dial layout, along with using a regionally conventional mechanical movement, as well as looking forward by being a contemporary luxury watch with a strong nature and remarkable movement intended to be exactly what nice watch lovers are searching for today and into the future. Cost for the reference 1-37-02-03-02-70 Glashütte Original Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date is $16,400.
As you might be able to see in the photographs, it can be quite difficult to make out where the short hour hand is particularly if it’s hovering over parts of this dial that were cut out. The highly decorated movement doesn’t offer enough contrast to make the flamed-blue hour hand easily distinguishable. Fortunately, reading the minutes is a lot easier as the lean flamed-blue minute hand extends all of the way outside to the second track.The movement here is the Calibre 49-13 and it is a skeletonized movement that’s been heavily and intricately decorated and adorned by hand. Flipping the watch over, you can make out what is left of this three-quarters plate that’s a custom of German watchmaking.The remaining bridges have been beveled by hand and feature a lot of hand-engraving. The winding wheels have double sided sunburst decoration and the movement stones sit in screwed gold chatons. Visible screws are either flame-blued or polished.But exactly what I enjoy most about the motion is considering the large screwed balance wheel. The Calibre 49-13 beats at 4Hz and so the huge balance wheel swings fairly rapidly. There is a swan-neck fine adjustment mechanism and the balance cock is engraved in authentic Glashütte tradition. Power reserve of this Calibre 49-13 is about 40 hours, which is not too bad considering that its 4Hz defeat rate and that it only has a single mainspring.

A limited edition dedicated to “poor but sexy” Berlin, the newest iteration of the Senator Chronograph boasts unusual, but appealing, colour combinations – “Bourbon Grey” or “Dry Silver” – giving it a look distinct from the stock version.

Launched at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival, where Glashütte Original is a title sponsor, the new chronograph is available in three variants. The first is stainless steel, and limited to 100 pieces. Its dial is “Bourbon Grey”, accented with dark blue rings on the registers and beige Super-Luminova.

Glashutte Original Senator Chronograph Capital Edition 1

Glashutte Original Senator Chronograph Capital Edition 3

Fitted with the same dial is the red gold version, which is limited to 25 pieces.

And then there’s the platinum edition, limited to just five watches and equipped with a “Dry Silver” dial that’s matched with baby blue rings on the sub-dials, a colour palette unusual on a watch this large and masculine. The platinum version is also distinguished by the blue sapphire cabochon that tops the crown.


Dials aside, ‘The Capital Edition’ is identical to the stock models. The cases are 42mm in diameter, and fitted with the cal. 37, a solidly constructed in-house calibre with a 70-hour power reserve. It’s automatic and equipped with a column wheel, while the horizontal coupling mechanism is simplified, making it relatively slim for a self-winding chronograph movement.

It’s decorated in a manner typical of Glashütte Original movements, with striping on the rotor and bridges, solarisation on the wheels and blued screws. And it has a 21k gold rotor rim as well as a swan’s neck regulator index (though the balance has four solid gold screws for regulation).

Glashutte Original Senator Chronograph Panorama Date 5

Glashutte Original Senator Chronograph Panorama Date 6

Price and availability 

The Senator Chronograph ‘The Capital Edition’ is already available at Glashütte Original boutiques and authorised retailers. Prices are as follows:

Stainless steel (ref. 1-37-01-04-02-07) – €13,500 or S$23,100

Red gold (ref. 1-37-01-04-05-07) – €26,700 or S$49,000

Platinum (ref. 1-37-01-06-03-35) – €47,000 or S$86,400