The Rose Gold Chopard Classic Racing Chronograph Watch Replica

The Swiss watchmaker has recently presented a Chopard Classic Racing Chronograph wristwatch replica. Although being animated by a higher-grade version of a mass-produced mechanical movement and also not very practical due to its gargantuan dimensions, this is still a very interesting timekeeper with unusual design of its dial and not very common finish of its case and mechanism.

Remember that one-off Chopard Classic Racing Chrono F1 Singapore edition piece that the Swiss watchmaker sold at a charity auction for some $35,000? Well, the watchmaking brand possibly decided that it would be a real shame to allow this innovative design to be wasted on a just a single timekeeper and decided to make more of them. If you are still interested, you have a chance to own one of 500 of its closest relatives — the Chopard Classic Racing Chronograph limited edition watch.

Both models look almost the same. There are only two visual differences one may notice with a naked eye.

The F1 Singapore edition has its vertical stripes made of 18 carat rose gold while this particular model has them crafted of the same black material as the dial. The second difference lies on the other side of the rose gold Chopard copy watch: the piece-unique has its caseback made of solid gold and this one sports a transparent back covered with sapphire crystal offering an unobstructed view at its automatic movement.


As you can see, the two chronograph push-pieces are made of some sort of rubber, just as its jet-black screw-lock crown. Together with eight screws around its bezel and a rubber-molded strap featuring a classic 1960s Dunlop Racing tire-tread motif, they provide for a beautiful contrast with the polished 18-ct rose gold case.

The latter is the same Swiss-made ETA 2894-2 top-grade chronograph caliber that was heavily refinished in order to better match the overall styling of the timepiece.

The caliber, while absolutely uninteresting from the technical point of view (I guess, there millions of them ticking on wrists of happy owners all over the world,) is nevertheless reliable and highly accurate for a mechanical Chopard watch. Being an officially COSC-certified chronometer, it offers more than acceptable level of accuracy.

And good luck finding one, since the total run of this masterpiece is limited at only 500 units.

Measuring 48 mm in diameter and 15 mm in height, the best quality fake Chopard Classic Racing watch is ahem rather large, so be careful, don’t buy one on an impulse in some Web-based pawn shop. Or, at least, visit your official dealer and try the thing on your own wrist.