The High Quality Replica Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch

A first, a record :: Tissot

At the Top of the GameThe Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA Special Edition

Bold attitude

To show off the watch in style, Tissot created an edition with a gold-coloured case. A discrete version is also available in a cool grey. The black face gives an extra thrill of excitement when you spot the bold red arrow on the hand. The best replica Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA Special Edition reflects the innovative technology that Tissot will be bringing to the court with its precision and innovative Timekeeping, thanks to its impressive tactile functions that offer a compass, altimeter and weather forecast amongst others, and its design that reminds us of the sporty and bold attitude the great athletes demonstrate.

Both have a further NBA tribute with the famous logo engraved on the caseback, making these special editions true collector’s items, not only because it is a special edition watch, but also because it represents the first time that the NBA has ever had its very own dedicated Timekeeper. The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Replica NBA Special Edition, is definitely one for the books. It’s time for something unique.

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA Special Edition is dedicated to the biggest partnership of Tissot’s history. Following the groundbreaking announcement, Tissot produced a special mens T-Touch Expert Solar copy collection that perfectly illustrates the essence of the association.